//CLIENT: Grand Rapids Art Museum 
//DATE: 2012 //MEDIUM: App, Website 
//SUMMARY: When a donor wanted to put together a special publication of his collection at the museum, we looked further and created a digital publication that could be used without Internet and be shown to others without attachment to location. This donor’s collection told the story of Christ through artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Rembrand Van Rijn, and Max Pechstein. This project was a move to make the collection accessible to people no matter what your location in the world. 
//INTERACTION: Upon landing the donor sponsorship, I assembled the team of museum directors and began researching and interviewing design firms. After selecting Conduit Studio (conduitstudio.com), we implemented a human centered design process that wove multiple content interests into a cohesive and beautiful iPad App and Website. 
//TECHNIQUE:  Project Management and Human Centered Design practices led to the success of the publication. 
//RESULT: Downloaded in over 40 countries, the app gained international attention for its delivery of content to a universal audience. 

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