//CLIENT: Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
//DATE: 2013 
//MEDIUM: Exhibition
//SUMMARY: This exhibition was created to bring the artwork of Mary Ann Aitken to the West Michigan audience. Aitken’s work contributes to the expansion of painting and art that manifested out of Detroit in the early 1980s. After a career as an art therapist in Brooklyn, Aitken passed away from breast cancer. This retrospective exhibition brought communities together and built recognition for the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, contributed to the Aitken family endowment, and helped bridge the artistic communities of Detroit and Grand Rapids. 
//INTERACTION: Gallery experience, website, press releases, radio, and public programming brought the content forward. 
//TECHNIQUE:  Contracts, Programming, Selection, Presentation, and Extension   
//RESULT: Community resonance led to community building, donation to estate, and entry of work into the permanent collection of Grand Rapids Art Museum.

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